Saturday, October 25, 2008

Napoleon's Signature

I have something in common with the Emperor.
My signature is never really the same.
I have an everyday scrawled signature where I am certain I spell my own name wrong if I think about it.
I have a formal, this is an important document signature, that I use when I sign a passport or a legal document.
But they never really look the same. Napoleon certainly has a number of signatures. I am always interested to read what people have to say about Nappy. Some point out that the "more important" he became, the smaller his signature got. Interesting comment, but what does it really mean?
I think the experts are quite busy trying to authenticate all his documents.
What I would like to see is a favorite pen. No doubt the signature was effected by the tool.


Bearded Lady said...

I used to study graphology. I am by no means an expert but I do remember that large swooping loops in letters were signs of a large ego. (when a sign books I actually start to feel guilty if I make any big loops)

Smaller handwriting indicates a need for privacy and can also signify a refinement of intellect- more analytical type thinking.

One of the big things in analyzing handwriting is where you cross your "t". A high cross is self-confidence and a lower cross shows more insecurity.

Isn't it interesting how handwriting changes as we age?

bookend said...

Re: Napoleon's Signature subset to My Napoleon Obsession: Not to mention that it is likely that these samples are not at all his catalogue of signatures, i.e. the range of style indicating his mood or posture; and that likely some are forgeries or just someone else altogether. If Napoleon had you at his back and at his side, his legacy would be even more important. I discovered your page while seeking lessons on scrapbooking in Toronto. If you know of any courses in the east end, please let me know. Thanks, Ruth

bookend said...

By the by, I did not mean to denigrate your research into Napoleon by my comment on the validity of the signatures. I realize that you are looking for the truth behind Napoleon. Just who were his secretaries? Have you ever done any personal work into past lives? You never know.

Napoleona said...

The Tilsit one's real, that's his most famous.Maybe he did it when he was angry. =]