Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day

I have a clip art subscription for my artwork. While searching the keyword Paris this amazing image of Napoleon's tomb turned up. Sorry, they did not list the artist...but I just had to interrupt my holiday to post a new picture. Seeing a Harry Potter star in the sidebar of my blog roll was getting on my nerves.


Napoleona said...

Ugh yes, I'm not surprised that you didn't want to see Emma on your Homepage. Anyway. Happy Canada Day! What is Canada Day? I have never been to Canada and as I am stuck somewhere in Europe I might never know.
That artist is amazing! The picture looks like it could have been done with special types of crayons that look like paint or it could even be real paint. Er yes I have never been to see Napoleon's tomb...I do recall you posting earlier possibly last year about the death mask and the body being a fake, but where did the real body end up if that was the case? (Excuse the coffin pun).
Anyway, whatever Canada Day is I'm sure it'll be great. How are you celebrating?

Shako said...

Hej...the artist is beautiful. I always squeak or something like that (jump, jolt, etc.) when I see something that is related to the Emperor...Struck GOLD!

Excuse the nosey question, and I did try to send a comment earlier but my connection was dodgy, so here goes: how is the Napoleon book that you ordered from Amazon? Has it even arrived? Sorry but I always need reviews and I was thrilled that you'd replied (and yes I love puns too, please note the Michel Jackson one above). Maybe, if you finish it, it would be interesting to hear...
but yikes I should make the picture you got my background, but I know it is unique to you, and copying it would be unfair.
Why are my comments always so LONG?!

Carmi said...

Canada Day is our national holiday...we became our own country with our constitution on July 1, 1867...we really are young! I am having a quiet day at home with my art and my hubby. It's weird having a day off on Wednesday. Everyone is back to work in the long weekend.
As for the book...I am ordering it through Amazon (To befriend an Emperor) but I need one more book so I can get free shipping, so it will be a few weeks till I get it.
Now, the body of Napoleon in the tomb in Paris is supposed to be Napoleon...but there are always rumours because the French government will not do a DNA test.

Melanie d'Anjou said...

Cheers, Carmi
Wonderful work:( It is my dream to visit Napoleons tomb one for now I don't get the opportunity, too bad:(
I love Him so much.....sniff
And I love your blog..
Please keep going
Melanie d'Anjou

Napoleona said...

Oh yeah excuse all typos if I have any but wasn't America a country or whatever in Napoleon's times. He once wrote that "...we share the labors of George Washington,...We enjoy his triumphs ... His cause is that of humanity." But I believe that Canada is something own territory is Italy and that was made in 1860 because once it was twenty countries, and it still seems to be, people still ask whether you are from the North, etc.

What a wonderful way to celebrate. It is getting increasingly, stupidly hot here in Europe and I am parched all day long. A brilliant way for me to celebrate Nap's B-day if it continues like this is to meditate, or read Napoleon books.

Now I don't particularly like sharing Napoleon, but you are a nice lot so I don't mind sharing what I know through comments or 'sharing' Him. One news gadget (somehow I have iGoogle, it isn't my fault) said that, while there are religions or cults of Gods, there is a cult of Napoleon.

Another useless piece of information: an epitaph that Napoleon said in his stupid, cruel exile on St. Helena was: "In 200 years, people will think about what I did".

He knows. HE KNOWS! He knows that people will worship him!

Shako said...

Thank you a billion for the updates, by the way! Melanie D'Anjou, why can't I comment on your blog, it was amazing and all I could do was favourite it. Could you tell me how?
Now for something more relevant.
Carmi, when you said about "You need friends to collect Napoleon"...oh, my friends are great! they always update me on the Napoleonic things I've missed.

Melanied'Anjou said...

Geese, Shakie, I don't know what's wrong:( I shall check it out soon, maybe its because I've forgot my password and couldn't have the access to my blog, try one more time. I would looove to have your comment on my blog:D.
Great Hugs to all Napoleon's fans

Melanied'Anjou said...

I'm sorry guys, me again, just a quick information: Shakie, I've already solved the problems with comments, Youre very welcome! All of You are!:D