Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Coronation Painting at Versailles

Still in Paris. Happily stranded by the lack of planes.
So I added a day trip to Versailles which was not part of my regular schedule. The Palace was as busy as usual. In the Coronation room, there was no way to get a picture of the painting without people being in the way. I can never figure out if this room is full of admirers or because it has benches to sit on. As always, it was jammed with people all chatting loudly and taking photos.

My blog is full of references to this paining. I'll never be tired of it. The painting at Versailles is a second copy. The original is in the Louvre. The artist David painted this second copy and last year I found out there was a third copy too. What a prospect to make a copy. The people are almost life size as you can see from the real people walking by. Once I get home I'll have more time to review the photos I took in the other rooms that are Napoleon related.

I have had a few emails while I have been travelling.
A few people are wondering if I am a real person or not. Yes! I am just a regular woman from Canada who loves Napoleonic history. Here I am getting a photo in the museum.
Looks like I have a few new readers! Welcome!

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