Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1949 Napoleon

Major major find this weekend at the big outdoor antique market.
A huge stack of "Men Only" magazines. A word of caution though. Don't look them up in google unless you have a good filter on your computer. Men Only started out as a nice men's magazine with a few humorous nudie cartoons.....but it became a porn magazine franchise in the 70's.....yikes.
But let's look at my 1949 Napoleon!
A bit of a stereo-type I know...but the illustration work is fantastic! The other covers in the collection are also excellent...but they were of other known men like Henry the 8th, and we don't discuss "others" here. I was a little anxious that Waterloo might pop up in the stack since this was a British magazine.....

I have cleaned up the illustration. Lightened and brightened it! I am going to place him on a button next! Stay tuned!

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