Friday, March 25, 2011

Belated Birthday Wishes

I did it again.
Forgot the Duke's birthday.  Sorry, no fabulous blog post or celebrations this year.  (Bob, no cake?)
However, if you are in Vienna next week (and I sure wish I was) there is a lecture you could attend:   
"20 March, 1811 - the birth of the Roi de Rome. 
An event with unforeseen political consequences."


Bob said...

No cake, but I did bring kolaches! Plus a Happy Birthday card for Napoleon Francois Joseph Charles Bonaparte!


crazychreno said...

Hello. I have been reading your blog for ages, and am a huge Napoleon buff. I have been assigned Napoleon as a middle school biography project. My project is to impersonate Napoleon as best I can. Do you know anything about his behavior?

Carmi said...

I think if it was my project I would take a few Napoleon movies out of the library. Many of the actors impersonate him. I think you would pick up on some things that way!

Bob said...

Hi Crazychreno!

Try to avoid playing into the various stereotypes that propaganda has assigned him (short little egomaniac, for example). He was a very charismatic leader, very likeable (especially when he wanted to be!), and a very brilliant man, though something of a chauvinist. Good luck with your project, and let us know how it turns out!

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