Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Napoleon's Birthday Secret Sale!

 Would you love a Napoleon T-Shirt?
I got this message from Roxzann at Headline Shirts in San Francisco. 
"I have been searching through various different blogs in order to find those that relate to our upcoming sale. On August 15th we will be celebrating Napoleon's birthday with a one day sale on our Napoleon Beach Cruiser tee. This sale is super exclusive and can only be accessed with a secret code that we are only giving out to bloggers."
 Here are the details on the sale:
Date- August 15th 
Tee: Napoleon Beach Cruiser
Price: $5 ($15 off "We're guillotine'n' the price")
Sale Code: 242BDAY 
(Napoleon is turning 242, this code must be entered at check out in order to get the deal)
Length: One day- the code will only work on August 15th no sooner or later!


Alan said...
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Alan said...

my god!!! im from spain, n hope that this awesome tshirt can be buyable from here.... THANKSSSS ♥

mushrifa said...

Wow! Thank you
Just ordered one:))
Vive L'Empereur!!!:)

Bob said...

I ordered one also!