Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Coronation Day!

"To be a king is to inherit old ideas and genealogy. I don't want to descend from anyone... The title of Emperor is greater..."

 Here is something I just discovered online today about this coronation balloon.

The balloon of the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, 2 December 1804.
An unmanned balloon, ablaze with 3,000 lights forming an Imperial crown was launched from the front of Notre Dame cathedral as part of the coronation celebrations. André-Jaçques Garnerin was paid the sum of 23,500 francs for the construction and launching of the large balloon. The balloon came to earth in Lake Bracciano near Rome 46 hours later. Napoleon considered this another omen of his destiny and suggested that the balloon be put on display in Rome with an account of the "extraordinary event".

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A. Nicot said...

Happy Consecration Day. I'm also making a post on my Napoleon blog about it, and I was also going to use the balloon illustration. Now I need to change it, haha.

Very nice blog by the way.